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The Department

Τhe Department Agriculture is part of Agricultural Sciences Faculty, at University of Patras in the Region of Western Greece. The department is focusing at agricultural production and technology. The department’s graduates are trained as agronomists.
Our Undergraduate Studies Curriculum has a dual focus at first to educate and train students as agronomists and secondly the development and application of new technologies in agriculture.
The duration of studies is ten (10) semesters (including dissertation thesis and practical training). In terms of infrastructure, it is one of the best equipped Agricultural Departments amongst homologous Greek higher educational universities, since it accommodates state of the art laboratory facilities, contemporary greenhouses, an agrometeorological station, and a 20 hectares farm situated in the town of Korοivos. It has also established the first open-to-the-public aeroponic farm in Greece and Europe.

Research and Development

The Department of Agriculture offers a curriculum based on agronomy, biology and engineering and its objective is to conduct highest level research in the relevant fields.
Its infrastructure includes laboratories for soil and plant tissues analysis, greenhouses technology, open field experimental setups, climatic and environmental data acquisition equipment.
Research activity is ongoing in all Laboratories of the Department regarding:
Genetic analysis and breeding of Greek vegetable varieties and aromatic plants, Aeroponics and Hydroponics, Nutritional quality of plant products, propagating material, plant nematology, plant virus-vector interactions, biological pest control, plant physiology and biochemistry, oxidative stress in plants, water resources management (mainly on agricultural uses), spatial analysis, hydroinformatics, soil genesis and classification, soil quality and problematic soils, soil carbon sequestration, applied soil science, plant nutrition, fertilization and testing of soil samples and plant tissues with modern techniques for nutrients and plant parasitic nematode presence, structural and thermal greenhouse optimization, Infrared radiation (IR) and photovoltaics (PV) implementation on greenhouses to reduce the energy needs, Greenhouse micro and macroclimate regulation, etc.
Our research activity qualifies in high standards, and in cooperation with other Institutions (Research and Educational) many MSc and Ph.D theses are ongoing or have been already implemented.


• Production of the first Greek F1 hybrids of pumpkins, for which the commercial rights have been granted to Greek seed production companies.
• The development of a fully automated aeroponic growing method for mass plant production (Patent WO2014102553A1). The experimental aeroponic farm is the first open-to-the-public aeroponic farm in Greece and Europe.
• Innovative expertise in structural and thermal optimization of greenhouses (the so called “Cold” Greenhouse).
• The automatic portable and digital calcium carbonate measuring instrument practicable for soil samples – A device characterized by incorporated temperature – counter balancing means, potential communication and location of the geographical position of the measurement”, Greek Industrial Property Organization (OBI), Patent No GR1008089 (B) ― 2014-01-21, Int. Cl. G01N33/24; G01N7/18 (valid until 20-10-2032) (WO2014060782 A1).
• Leading partner in a fully accredited research infrastructure project dedicated to the study of the biodiversity of Greek medicinal plant flora.
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